// The Most Noble Lady in the Universe//

Everybody has their favourite Doctor or favourite companion in Doctor Who. My first Doctor is actually Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor. I never had any intention of watching the series, frankly, but then I learned from two of my friends, who are Whovians, which is what fans of the show, that Neil Gaiman wrote an episode. So I persuaded them if I can see it without seeing the previous episodes. I fell in love after watching The Doctor’s Wife. Now, my Doctor is David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor. My favourite companion is Donna Noble, with Sarah Jane a close second.
For me, Donna is one of the best companions, if not the best (over SJ. Sorry Lis!). Her story is a very tragic one compared to the other reboot (2005) companions - Rose is in the parallel universe with her own Doctor, the Ponds, despite being “assassinated” by the Weeping Angels to 1930s New York, had lived a very happy life even if The Doctor cannot see them anymore because of the paradox, adopted a boy, and had died of old age. Or over Adric, who died in the Fifth Doctor serial Earthshock (1982) when a meteor crashed on Earth wiping out the dinosaurs thus creating the new Earth that would become the planet we know now. Donna became a Time Lord herself when she created the Meta-Crisis Doctor becoming the Doctor-Donna. But it hasn’t happened before - a human Time Lord cannot live so The Doctor wiped away her memories of him. So she lives but has no memory whatsoever of her adventures with The Doctor and that she was the most important woman in all of creation even for a minute. No memories of her travels to other planets, yet the whole universe sings of the Doctor-Donna.
Donna now lives a happy life with her husband, Shaun Temple. But it probably doesn’t compare to being with The Doctor. The adrenalin that runs through your body when you’re with him is probably going off the roof. And The Doctor was also happy when he was with her because she is his best friend.
I love Catherine Tate so I may be biased. Even before watching The Runaway Bride, her name is familiar to me but without a face. I used to think that Mia Thermopolis’ mum in The Princess Diaries is Catherine. I knew there is an actress named Catherine Tate long before I became a huge fan of the Doctor Who and long before I became a huge fan of hers. I just don’t know where I actually watched or saw her before or where I read her name.
Because his will be the first real regeneration I will experience:
Thank you very much, Raggedy Man! I will truly miss you! You brought a new vibe to Doctor Who. It’s not easy to take over David, who, until now, is said to be the best Doctor. Yes, David’s may be my Doctor but you are my first. I will never forget it: you and Idris (Sexy!), trying to save Rory and Amy. That was the episode that made me a Whovian.
Thank you!

Photo credits: WhoIsMattSmith.com / Entertainment Weekly

Because his will be the first real regeneration I will experience:

Thank you very much, Raggedy Man! I will truly miss you! You brought a new vibe to Doctor Who. It’s not easy to take over David, who, until now, is said to be the best Doctor. Yes, David’s may be my Doctor but you are my first. I will never forget it: you and Idris (Sexy!), trying to save Rory and Amy. That was the episode that made me a Whovian.

Thank you!

Photo credits: WhoIsMattSmith.com / Entertainment Weekly

// An Open Letter to Mr Francis Tolentino, Chairman MMDA//

Dear Mr Tolentino,

Greetings and peace in the Holy Spirit!

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There's Always A Seed Before There's A Rose: Prayer For the Cardinals


Dear Lord,

Today is the start of the process of choosing a new pope. Please enlighten the cardinals to choose a candidate who practices what he teaches and preaches, knows what real equality means, has an open mind to every single little matter and detail - living or not, has an open heart,…

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// Contentment//

Over the past few days, my mum kept telling me about a co-worker who had borrowed money from two other co-workers. She said that he told some stories so he could borrow a large amount of money. One is that he had to bring his girlfriend home from abroad and the other is he needed it for his father. Then it was revealed that he bought a new car. My mum said that he wanted to go with the flow of his friends ie because his mates have Volvos, he needs one too. Now he couldn’t pay that sum and what’s more, he lied about his stories. I told her that it’s tempting to talk to him and compare situations.

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// Three Titles to Save on a Burning Bookshelf//

Fully Booked asked this on their blogYour bookshelf is burning, what are the three titles you would want saved, and why?

I answered:

First, I will save my Harry Potter series. The series means so much to me because when my aunt and godmother in the US gave me the first book, it was because I got so intrigued with it after reading a Newsweek article. The article was around 1998, the year when everyone wanted to be a good witch, the year that Charmed premiered on our telly. She came to visit the next year, I asked for books about witches including Harry Potter and by Christmas, Sorcerer’s Stone, is on hand with a little note on the cover saying “2 & 3 are coming, too”. Bookstores here weren’t carrying the titles yet so I was one of the first few who got lucky because they have relatives residing in other countries. In the end, she not only sent 2 & 3. She sent, through balikbayan boxes and her sister’s visits, 4 & 5 & 6, the last four books hardbound. The last, Deathly Hallows, I bought because I was working at that time. The first two books’ pages are now yellowed, their spines taped between pages, Azkaban split into three, the others threatening to, due to being read over and over and over again. So I’ve technically been with Harry for as long as he’s been around, 15 years, starting with that fateful Newsweek article.

Second, I will save Bossypants by Tina Fey. I am a huge fan of hers since seeing Mean Girls for the first time, and sporadic watching of Weekend Update back in the days when YouTube didn’t delete or block shows’ clips. Plus, it’s a truly hilarious book, it will keep me laughing and smiling.

Last, I’ll probably save A Little Bit Wicked by Kristin Chenoweth, Home by Julie Andrews or any of my Cecelia Ahern novels. I love Kristin and I love Julie. Cecelia Ahern novels are fantastic and the stories are fabulous. Most might be fantasy but every one needs a little bit of imagination. :)

There's Always A Seed Before There's A Rose: Wow! A LOT of Sourgrapes...again


So…the Miss Universe 2012 is finished and again the Philippines’ Janine Marie Tugonon didn’t bring home the crown. I was on Facebook and there are a lot of people saying that we were robbed and cheated. There was even one person who said that there was a home court advantage (winner crowned is the…

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// Torchwood: Jack and Gwen//

I’ve said in a previous post that my new favourite show is Torchwood. First, I would like to thank my friends J and E for introducing me to the world of Doctor Who. Well, I know I did ask, being a fan of Neil Gaiman’s work. That was my first episode, The Doctor’s Wife, with Idris as the TARDIS saying hello to The Doctor for the first time. I loved it so much I began watching all seven series and it led me to the joys of Torchwood. It has been mentioned a lot in the second new Who series. It also led me to loving John Barrowman, whom I’ve seen in Who as Captain Jack Harkness, and Eve Myles, whom I’ve also seen in Who as the servant girl Gwyneth, to bits. So thus was born a new…ship. Well, mostly it’s some square ship thing for me because I love Jack/Ianto and Rhys/Gwen! But let’s focus on Jack and Gwen.

I had to ask questions the first time I watched all the episodes, mostly to my friend E, with a little help from the others because Jack became confusing regarding his romantic interests. I was asking questions about Jack and Ianto and Gwen, whether or not Jack loved them both romantically. She answered that Jack indeed loved them both, in a different way and that Jack DOES love Gwen but respects Rhys. I can see it now.

There is definite attraction between the two. We’ve seen a sexual tension in the gun practice in the episode Ghost Machine. Jack was clearly disappointed when he found out that Gwen had gotten engaged to Rhys in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. And Gwen is possibly the only one he divulges secrets to such as he witnessed the end of the world. But as much as Jack loves Gwen, he knows there would be times she would have needed him but he wouldn’t be there. Gwen knows that too since he would just disappear to nowhere without him telling. He’s not really a prince that will be there to save a damsel in distress if needed be. Gwen, no doubt, loves Rhys. She has been with him for years and cried so much when the creepy Bilis killed him in End Of Days. But she also loves Jack, in a different way than Rhys as she said in Adam, before the Captain retconned the whole team. If you would notice, Jack comes back to Gwen every time she needed help, although in my opinion the character had grown so much, from being the naive police constable new member of the team to being a badass mam with a badass baby that she actually could’ve done some things herself. He could have ran away to some planet and never come back. I think she is the reason why he always comes back to Torchwood. Oswald must have seen this too, in the Chinese restaurant when they were about to enter the location of The Blessing in The Blood Line. Gwen was visibly distraught and Jack hugs her; Oswald sees this and he turns away.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Jack and Ianto, too and cried when Ianto died in his arms. It’s heartbreaking! :’( But Jack and Gwen have a special kind of love. They love each other unconditionally. The bond they share will take them to the ends of the universe. It’s possible, since Jack is a time agent and has cunning ways to mend that vortex manipulator of his. Only to save Gwen - and her family.


I might seem biased since I love both John and Eve but please note that this is purely my opinion based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve understood.

One of my favourite songs, sung amazingly by one of my favourite artists. I dream of the day that she will come here and I’ll hear her sing this live.

This is my new favourite show: Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off (Doctor Who is another new favourite. Tenth is my Doctor.). I find this scene cute, wrong in many ways I know, but Anwen just laughed at mummy shooting at the helicopter trying to kill them. :D

This is my new favourite show: Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off (Doctor Who is another new favourite. Tenth is my Doctor.). I find this scene cute, wrong in many ways I know, but Anwen just laughed at mummy shooting at the helicopter trying to kill them. :D

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Video of the Day:

US Swim Team - Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

M2M - Mirror Mirror

Anyone remember this video? Or the song?

I found a CD that a good friend copied from his CD. I felt nostalgic and remember the time when our whole group would just go to their CD signings when they visited here.

They clearly were the best duo of the early 2000s. Too bad they disbanded after making The Big Room. They have successful solo careers in Norway now.

// Ships//

And I do not mean the big vessels that sail at seas. I mean relationships or pairings.

I actually do not know where it all started. Probably Lucy and Ricky but it could have been earlier. But I do remember my first ship. It was Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music. It’s hard for a five-year-old not to believe that they’re actually husband and wife in real life. A kid will believe in anything and everything under the sun. I was so happy just watching them sing Something Good. I would later learn that they have their own families.

In recent times, I believe that my one true pair, or OTP, is Chandler Bing and Monica Geller from the TV show, FRIENDS. Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox have great chemistry together. Their characters definitely were meant to be together, with all the tension, sexual or otherwise. They were opposites and as the saying goes, opposites attract.

Today, almost, if not every, TV show, or movie, has their own OTP. So I will list some of my favourite shows and the pairs I like.

  • Saturday Night Live - Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey. Believe it or not, even shows where the actors are portraying themselves can be shipped. These two are hilarious together. Watching their Weekend Update is like having a spin-off show for them where they are husband and wife. Tina actually referred to Jimmy as her comedy husband although Jimmy referred to Tina as his little sister (Tina is slightly older than Jimmy but it’s really adorable how he says she’s his little sister). They just jell together.
  • 30 Rock - Since we’re on the subject of Tina, Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. I know that Tina has stated many times that these two characters will never get together (unless they get cancelled!), you cannot deny that there is chemistry between them. In the first season finale, we learn that Liz is actually Jack’s emergency contact - because Liz is the only one who’s not afraid to pull the plug. In Season Five, we actually learn that Jack is also Liz’s emergency contact, via a question of Jeffrey Wienerslav, the Human Resources guy. And as with Monica and Chandler, they are total opposites but they do share some things in common and will help each other in times of trouble.
  • Parks and Recreation - Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. It’s a given and it’s happening now but again - too adorable not to be paired. Both neurotic in many ways but not a double-edged sword. Plus they compliment each other, with Ben the quiet/shy type and Leslie the fighter. Once more, proof that opposites attract.
  • Once Upon A Time - Mary Margaret and David. Another given since in the fairy tale world they’re Snow White and Prince “James” Charming. Another pair I truly love in this show is Emma Swan and Graham. Unfortunately, spoiler alert, Regina aka The Evil Queen crushed his fairy tale counterpart’s, the Huntsman’s, heart and killed him in the seventh episode.
  • Cougar Town - Jules and Grayson, hands down. From the beginning of the series, I’ve been shipping these two. It’s more like Chandler and Monica but with Chandler fighting back. They are now engaged.
  • D!rt - Holt and Lucy. It’s really sad that the series got cancelled, one of the shows that were affected by the Writers’ Strike of 2008. It’s viewers declined after that and it got axed just when Lucy agreed and promised that they would tell the people about their relationship when Holt deemed it right. We also never got to know about what happened to the case of Julia.
  • Glee - Mr Schue and Emma. No words.
  • Pushing Daisies - Ned and Olive Snook. Another great TV show that got axed. This pair should have been explored since we all know that first touch life and second touch dead again for Ned. And that’s what would have happened if he and Chuck would continue their relationship. They were cute together and they were really meant for each other but Olive should have been given a chance to be Ned’s love.
  • Charmed - Piper and Leo. They had endured trials and they still stayed together.


An update on my first post, Liz Lemon finally said “I love you!” to Criss. It’s somehow the first time we heard her utter those three words. I believe she didn’t even say them to Floyd. Otherwise, do correct me. :)

Video of the Day

I don’t follow The Voice of Ireland but I do follow what is going on, a bit, since Sharon Corr is one of the coaches. In this video, the coaches (Sharon of the Corrs, Kian Egan of Westlife, Bressie of The Blizzards, and Brian Kennedy) perform Arcade Fire's Wake Up.

  • Phil:

    I'd do it again, you know?

  • Claire:

    What, tonight? No! It was very dangerous.

  • Phil:

    No. Not tonight. Us. You, me, the kids. All of it. I'd do it again. I'd choose you. Every time.

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